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I cannot say enough great things about this company! They have done so much for me and lifted this burden off my shoulders. I am a very busy person and they helped with everything. THANK YOU!


Great company! Enrolled into a 2 year program. I was not sure what would happen because it seemed too easy and way too good to be true! Completed everything with no problems. Put me in a better place mentally, financially and spiritually. I can now sleep at night. Thanks Fresh Start


Customer service is phenomenal. They explained everything to me multiple times until I understood exactly what I was doing. Most companies get frustrated with me for asking so many questions. Made me feel comfortable and answered every question I had.


Extremely happy with everything that has been done for me and my family! Lowered my payments and started fixing my credit. I have been in a program for over a year now and it really works! Thanks again! Would highly recommend!!!


Easy process done well. Delivered as promised.


Awesome , awesome, awesome program!


Only company I have ever dealt with that just gave me really good advice and did not only try to sell me something.