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Don’t think you owe the amount your creditor is pressing against you for collection?

You have a right to ask your creditors to provide you with proof of all the amount they think you owe or are indebted to. The process is called Debt Validation.

If you don’t know how to go about this situation, our expert and professional services at Fresh Start Fast, a debt relief agency, can be of assistance to you.

Before buckling under the pressure, you should first understand that if a collection agency is pressuring you to pay a debt without validating it, they are in violation of the law. The creditor and the collection agency can both be sued for statutory damages in such a situation.

Collection agencies are known for applying aggressive tactics to get the money from consumers who owe. However, once you receive a collection notice from the agency, you have a right to ask for a verification of your debts within 30 days. This stops the collection agencies dead in their tracks from pursuing things forward before providing proof.

But collection agencies aren’t your only problem. As the creditor hands over your debt to an agency, it takes a toll on your credit standing as well. Also, such agencies never have a focus on the consumer’s interest and are only concerned about collecting the money by any means which can be overwhelming to handle for an ordinary person. Our experts, on the other hand, know the tactics of how to deal with such agencies very well and can help you get a handle on them while you get your finances in order.

How the Process Works?

Before requesting Debt Validation, you first need to determine who is collecting this debt?

If the original creditor is collecting, you cannot take advantage of the DV process. But if the creditor has approached a third party CA (collection agency) or have sold your debt to them then opting for Debt Validation will be the right way to go.

In some cases, we have also come across clients that were being forced by the CA into paying money for debts that had already been paid off to the original creditor. Debt Validation can also save you from such scams or wrongful claims as well.

It is your legal right to ask for a Debt Validation. And you can do so once the collection agency has approached you for the amount owed. You send them a DV request letter and the agency is obliged to provide you with proof of the debt if they want to collect it. If they cannot offer proof, they are likely to withdraw or sold off the debt to another agency. If they withdraw, the problem is solved but if they opt for the latter, you can send the DV request letter to the new agency approaching you.

If you have received a notice from a collection agency which you think is asking for an amount that you actually don’t owe, let us represent you and ask them for Debt Validation.

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